This week on the Brave Room, Wan and Package reminisce concerning the time… because it’s time to DUEL!

Before we get into the same old summary of this week’s episode although, there’s additionally a particular announcement: Wan and Kit can be doing a special The Brave Room panel at AMG Online 2021! Wan and Package take a walk down memory game with the raddest interest ever, taking part in children’s card games. Kit’s been watching an awful lot of Storybook Brawl, and her soul contract with Cygames means she’s also watching a lot of Shadowverse, and has a lot to say about both of these video games as she describes some sick plays that solely take 6 turns to return to fruition. What, 6 turns? In the meantime Wan lets unfastened about his time with YuGiOh, aka a Kusoge in card form the place 6 turns is an unheard of number. Why does Wan hate Drytrons? all this and more in this week’s episode. There’s additionally a transient apart about the Digimon card recreation- a game Wan had real fun with, and deserves more assist. And probably free stuff sent Wan’s means. Think about it. Additionally

Such was the case for Shirakami Fubuki, who actively supported Coco

 That being mentioned netizens have posted screenshots of the game’s review score over the weekend, displaying the sport having been pushed all the way down to Blended from Very Positive. Folks within the feedback are also referencing the incident, with a number of critiques asking readers to disregard “Chinabots”. Whereas Steam could have deleted the adverse critiques, it seems like they nonetheless have information of it occurring- you'll be able to view a graph exhibiting the historical past of overview scores, and there is a sharp spike on October 2nd- the day after the Little Witch Nobeta Hololive collaboration was introduced. The sharp decline the day after could have been Steam detecting the mess and taking steps to avoid it. It all began in 2020 when now-graduated Vtuber Kiryu Coco and active Vtuber Akai Haato had been studying off their fan analytics by nation, as per their Google report. On stream they showed their viewership comes from Taiwan, with Google recognizing it

Sigono has launched a new gameplay trailer for the following installment in their Opus sequence, Opus: Echo of Starsong

 Opus: Echo of Starsong is an upcoming narrative adventure attributable to release on Laptop via Steam later in 2021, and the primary free demo of the game is out there on the identical platform. The game is the third within the sequence, following Opus: The Day we Found Earth and Opus: Rocket of Whispers. Observe Eda and Lee as a pair of star-crossed adventurers who crew as much as uncover the source of a mysterious outer area radiance known as the ‘Starsong’. The duo will probably be charting a course to the heart of the galaxy, between visible novel fashion storytelling, puzzle fixing, space navigation and third particular person exploration. Seeing is believing - A distinct blend of hand-drawn illustrations and low-poly art lend an eerie magnificence to a war-torn, lawless galaxy. Space Opera - Thoughtful sound design and beautifully composed music weaves into the story of the mysterious ‘Starsong’. Stronger Collectively - Use Eda’s voice to find the elusive asteroid temples, after